How to Make Rs 1000 Daily Using WhatsApp Account in India? New Lazy Method Revealed!

Can you really make Rs 1000 daily with your WhatsApp account for free without selling anything? Yes,  absolutely possible.

We have discovered a brand-new strategy for the year 2021. Already dozens of our students are earning passive income using this method.

Below you’ll find step by step instructions. However, you should understand some basic info.

Step 1: Open a free Dmat account with this company. Click here (it’s totally free and takes just a few minutes!)

You will get OTP to your mobile and email. You also have to complete KYC by providing your Aadhar and PAN card details

Step 2 : Login to your account & find your referral link. Copy and save the link.

Once account is opened you you will get your own unique referral link

Step 3: Send a message to us through WhatsApp (8050820814). We’ll give you high converting images and graphics to use in your WhatsApp status!

Change your whatsapp status with our images to start earning money

Step 4: Daily you have to change your WhatsApp status. Within a few days you will start getting enquiries from your phone contacts. Just share the link you have copied in the step 2 above.

This is our recent earning screenshot. You may or maynot make make so much.

Bonus: We will provide you some more amazing & absolutely free tips to increase your earning potential using Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. 

Remember, you don’t have to write any ads, create videos or create graphics. We provide all of them to you for free. If you can spare 30 minutes daily, then you can start to earn Rs 1000 daily. 

Make Rs 1000 Daily – Income opportunity background

Since 2020 Corona Pandaic most of India’s working professionals are working from home and most of them need to earn extra income. Investment and trading in the Stock market are great ways to earn extra income.

Hold on… we are not saying that you should start investing in the stock market. Afterall, stock market investment is only for people who have regular income from a job or profession or good savings in Bank account.

If you ask your friends or family circle you’ll definitely find few people doing stock trading. Most of them have trading accounts with HDFC bank, ICICI, Axis Bank etc.

Now these trading and d-mat account provided by various Indian banks are great. But the problem is that HUGE brokerage. These popular platforms are charging 0.5 to 1% brokerage, which means traders earn very little.

This is where we got an opportunity. We just have to ask stock traders to switch to a new discount brokerage platform.

I don’t like Marketing!

Exactly, nobody likes marketing and even people don’t like to be approached by salesmen. So, you are not going to do any kind of hard selling that may look desperate.

You need to do soft marketing without troubling anyone. WhatsApp is the great and hidden marketing ammunition for everyone.

You don’t have to send messages to anyone which can cause nuisance. Instead let your contact approach you for exciting info.

So, how to make Rs 1000 daily? this is exciting!

You see, there is a ‘Status Update’ option in your WhatsApp profile. Most of the people use it for sharing their kids’ pics, jokes or funny videos. However, smart marketers use it for growing their business.

STOP sharing useless Pics & Videos on WhatsApp status!

Instead, start sharing useful information.  We give you exact images to share on your WhatsApp! Our custom made marketing graphics are designed by world class marketing experts. Our messages don’t beg anyone to buy. Instead they educate, entertain and create curiosity!

5 Crore Potential customers are waiting to be grabbed!

That’s right. In India only about 5 crore citizens are investing in stock market. In the next 5 years we can expect atleast 5 crore Indians to join capital market investment. Which means there is plenty of customers to refer and earn!

Referring to this product is the easiest thing, because it’s free! Plus our innovative funny graphics make it easy for you. Below is a sample.

This funny dog image is working like crazy helping our students to make Rs 1000 daily!

The above one is one of the samples of dozens of creatives we give you for free. Below is the scrap-page of some of our high converting creative graphics.

If you post these pics embed with our unique ad headlines you’ll start seeing crazy results!

Let’s recap all the steps once again.

Step 1: Open a free Dmat account with this company. Click here (you must use this link to get our free graphics, tips and training)

Step 2 : Send a WhatsApp message to 8050820814 . We will respond to you within 24 hours, normally within few hours.

Step 3 : Download all the pics into your computer/mobile phone and start updating your WhatsApp status.

Step 4: When your friends start asking for more info, just send them your own link!

Step 5: You can withdraw money on daily basis.

Congratulations because you have done it.