Mobile App Testing Services

Our outsourced Mobile App testing services can effectively be used during App development, prior to an App’s launch or for an updated version of the App. Our mobile App testing solutions are perfect for developers or companies that have mobile Apps that range from the simple, to the highly-complex.

Why Choose us?

We believe the following features of our mobile App testing services set us apart from any other mobile testing company out there:

We test on real devices

All testing is performed on real devices by real users. We do not perform any test on simulators, ensuring that your App is tested in the same environment that the end user will be using.

We use proven testing techniques

Many App testing services use a ‘cloud’ approach. While this is fine as a method to find simple defects within the App, it is not as effective as a structured test approach. Our testing is performed using our proven App test plan and test cases built up from hundreds of previously successful App testing projects. This highly-effective testing approach digs far deeper into the Apps functionality than a cloud-type test can, and provides much greater test coverage.

We use professional App testers

All App testing performed at Geosync is performed by Senior App Testers. Each of our Senior App Testers have a wealth of knowledge in testing mobile Apps. Their experience includes functionality testing, usability testing, performance testing, compatibility testing and much more. All Senior Testers at Geosync are also ISEB and ISTQB Certified Testing Professionals.

We are highly flexible

We ensure our testing services are 100% flexible. Not only can we modify our App testing services to suit your requirements, but we are also flexible with regards to dead-lines. We understand that testing can be a last-minute exercise before an App’s release, and so we make every effort to get you the test results you need, in a matter of hours if you need it.