Why Mobile Aps Testing is The Best Part Time Jobs For Students, Freshers & Home Makers?

A decade ago India was a hot hub  of Global  data processing. With the emergence of advanced technology & artificial intelligence, data entry is no longer  a mass employment creator. Indian IT companies relied mostly on providing Software & Web development solutions to businesses.

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Why are Mobile Apps & Games Hot Now?

In the past few years mobile data became cheaper, hence it became inevitable for small & large size businesses to survive without their own Mobile application. At the same time mobile games became popular amongst all the population. These days a 6 months old baby to a 70 year old person can play mobile games!

Indian IT companies quickly encashed this multi billions dollars opportunity by starting their own Apps & games division. 100’s of 1000’s of new apps and games are created everyday. However, only a handful of apps survive the competition.

A smart phone becomes smart with apps. Mobile phones these days have replaced camera, alarm clock, music player, desktop computer and even TV.

Why Apps & Games Need Testers?

An Apps developer thoroughly needs to test the application before promoting it through Apps store. Moreover, getting real feedback from end users is vital. Apps are normally tested by qualified software engineers. However, a techie cannot guess how the end users feel. That’s the reason getting feedback from real world users is important.

Types of Apps & Game Testing?

Mobile Apps or Game applications require 3 types of testing. Below are the objectives of apps and games testing.

Stage 1: Initial Download Experience

When the App is new and made available on Google Play store, it needs to be lightweight and should download fast. Download speed can vary from mobile network to network, location to location, time of the day, population density of the tower location etc. Also, speed may vary on WIFI network. Additionally, different mobile devices will have different user experiences.

Stage 2: Initial Registration Process

Most of the Mobiles apps are made available for registered users only. The registration process should be hassles free with simple data input. These days the registration process is done with entering a mobile number and entering the OTP (one time password sent through SMS) Additional, signup option may be given by linked Google account.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the registration process is smooth without any clutters.

Stage 3: Actual Application Use

An app or game is useless if it is not used by end users. Users should be able to access all the navigation menus to take action. The User interface should be smooth & easy to scroll.

The typography (font size, color scheme) should not cause distractions to users’ eyes. You might have already experienced some badly designed apps (black background with red text which can cause headache!)

What is the qualification for Mobile Apps tester?

If you know how to use a mobile phone & can follow instructions written in simple English you are almost qualified. Most of us use Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Pay on our mobile phone on a daily basis.

You might have already downloaded dozens of apps and games over the years and might have already deleted most of them due to poor experience or bad quality software.

For Apps developers the number of downloads and number of star reviews on Play store is also vital. An App with zero download count or fewer feedback (star rating) is likely to fail in the Apps store.

Who Provides Mobile Apps Tester Jobs?

We are! We at Geosync provide mobile apps and game testing jobs for 1000’s of part time job seekers, students, freshers and homemakers.

How Much You Can Earn?

You can earn upto Rs 500/- per day working part time. Currently we are only providing testing job on part time basis. We pay you through Google Pay, PayTm, UPI & direct bank transfer monthly. Please note, compensation is calculated as per number of tasks completed.

What is the educational qualification?

If you know how to use a mobile phone you are good to go. However, for screening purposes we expect all the candidates to be 12th pass. Still, you can apply if you are 10th pass.

The only other requirement is that you should be able to clearly understand simple English instructions. If you can read & understand this page then your English language skill is good!

What do I need to get started?

You will need a decent smartphone with 4G connection or fast WIFI. Then you must register for our monthly eligibility test. There is no fee to join, it’s completely free. Infact, we encourage you to refer this job to your friends!

We provide basic training to all the eligible candidates. If you have any doubts you can interact with our Level-1 Team Leaders. If you do well you can become a team leader after 3-4 months. Our Level-1 Team leaders earn 25 to 30k per month.

Please Note: You should commit a few hours daily for this job. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Don’t expect to earn money by doing nothing. Copy paste data entry jobs simply don’t exist and most of them are scam because they ask you to pay a joining fee. Remember, if you have to pay a joining fee for any job then it’s most likely a scam!

What will happen after I apply?

After submitting the form you will be asked to join our Telegram group for important communication. Almost 40% of candidates don’t join our Telegram group at all and lose this great opportunity.

We conduct the eligibility tests every month, first or second week.. Exact date will be communicated on our Telegram channel. If you are already on our Telegram group then you don’t have to apply again.

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