Top 10 Online Part Time Jobs to Make Money Online in India

If you are looking for part time jobs and online money making ideas this detailed guide is going to help you.

Passive income is not considered a one-time lump sum payment, such as a sale of your home or stock, but a source of income that’s expected to continue over time. It’s possible to make money online working part time.

Why Online Part Time Jobs?

Many successful entrepreneurs understand the significance of passive income and the vital role that it plays in creating financial freedom. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs have multiple streams of passive income so that the money keeps on coming in even when they’re focused on other projects.

Plus, having multiple streams of passive income also assist with minimizing the risks involved should any one of the income stream fail for any particular reason.

Here at Geosync, we like to focus on multiple streams of passive income for the reasons mentioned above. One of the best ways to earn multiple streams of passive income is through the Internet.

In fact, the Internet is filled with opportunities for earning a quick buck. However, people should note that the amount of money you earn is directly proportional to the amount of time and effort invested. With this in mind, here are some great ideas for making money online:

1 . Blogging: 

Difficulty Score: 6/10

For those unaware, a blog is short for “weblog” which is a website containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc. If you’re a passionate closet writer who wants to be published, then blogging might be the right option for you.

There are a variety of free blogging platforms out there to select from, such as WordPress, Blogger, and even Tumblr.

To be a successful blogger, people are not required to have extensive technical skills but it’s very important that you have expertise in the field that you’re writing about. Not only would this attract visitors to your site but also help you build a large following that’ll enable you to earn profits by luring advertisers, writing paid reviews, or receiving commissions for promoting other people’s products or services.

Caution: Unless you are an expert it takes enormous time and efforts to make your blog successful. 

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Difficulty score: 9/10

To receive commissions, many bloggers are involved with affiliate marketing in an effort to resell other people’s products or services. Please note that an affiliate is a person who receives a predetermined amount of commission from vendors for selling their goods. So if you’re good at promoting and selling, then becoming an affiliate marketer might be the right option for you.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to own the products. Instead, you could sign up for an affiliate program from other organizations and begin selling products immediately. If you’re interested, companies, such as ClickBank and Commission Junction, have a large selection of products and services to select from.

For Indians the best place to start affiliate marketing is through Flipkart, etc.

Caution: Affiliate marketing means you have to sell something to someone. It requires decent amount of marketing and sales skill.

3. Advertising:

Difficulty score: 7/10

Another option to earn money online is through advertising. People could sell space on their website for advertisements and earn a commission when these ads are clicked by visitors of your site.

This is called “pay-per-click (PPC)” advertising and many people use banners and videos for advertising online. Please note that your earning potential depends heavily on the amount of traffic of your site. Some advertising options are Google’s AdSense, BidVertiser, Blogads, and Text Link Ads.

It is possible to make decent money with google adsense. However, your website or blog should be getting good traffic. We recommend that you should aim to get atleast 500-1000 visitors per day before expecting advertising revenue from your website.

Caution: Unless you are an expert or social media influencer, it’s hard to start a Adsense website. You’ll be left without any income for many months or years.

4. Paid Writing:

Difficulty score: 9/10

For others who feel that maintaining a blog is too difficult, you could still indulge in your passion for writing by getting paid to write for others. For instance, you could write articles and blog posts for others using platforms, such as PayPerPost, Helium, and Weblogs.

Another option is to become a copywriter or copy editor where you’re paid to write copies in an effort to promote products and services. If you have a strong command over languages, you could even become an author writing eBooks for yourself or others.

Caution: Writing is a special skill, it’s not for everyone. Even if you are a native English speaker, you will find it very hard to write compelling web copy.

5. E-Teaching:

Difficulty score: 9/10

The demand for online tutoring has grown exponentially. If you enjoy helping others learn, then e-teaching might be the right career choice for you. All you would really need to become an online tutor is expertise in your subject matter, along with a few spare hours a week.

If you’re interested, just enroll on sites, such as TutorVista, SmartThinking, Tutor dot com, and E-Tutor. Once you’ve gained a good reputation as a coach, opportunities will come pouring in asking for you to assist with lectures, webinars, etc.

It’s ideal for people who have some software skills like Photoshop, wordpress etc.

Caution: It’s only for experts. You must have great skills to become a teacher!

6. Freelancing:

Difficulty score: 6/10

Freelancing is another great career option for professionals who are experts in their respective field. In gist, freelancers offer bids, ideas, or proposals about a project to buyers and these buyers would select the most suitable freelancer for that particular job.

Overall, there are a variety of free websites, such as Fiverr and Elance, that’ll assist with helping freelancers land gigs pertaining to a certain niche or category.

You could showcase your skills on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter to millions of potential buyers.

Fiverr is great place to sell your services online. Click here to join.

Caution: Although, Fiverr is great you’ll find it very hard to get initial buyers. Yo have to ask your friends to buy your service to get initial sales and good feedback.

7. Buying & Selling Domains:

Difficulty score: 9/10

Buying and selling domains is another way to earn money online. The goal is to buy domains at their registration prices, or lower, and then turnaround and trade them at a profit.

Rather than buying any domain name, it’s vital that people conduct adequate research on sites, such as eBay, AfterNic, or any other domain auction site in an effort to get the latest trends on domain names that’s selling.

One effective approach towards this is to use “terminated domain lists” because it’ll contain several expired names that have been added back into the pool for sell.

Caution: Buying and selling is a risky business. You have to spend money, so this is not a genuine passive income stream.

8. Virtual Assistant:

Difficulty score: 7/10

Becoming a virtual assistant is another popular option for earning money online. Many small businesses are in dire need of people that could help them achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Rather than hiring a full-time employee because of lack of resources, these companies would prefer to hire a virtual assistant instead.

As a virtual assistant, you’re expected to perform a variety of tasks similar to that of a traditional secretary or assistant. Tasks, such as travel reservations, research, customer support, handling expense reimbursements, etc. In essence, your expertise will determine your pay rate and you could also become a virtual assistant on Fiverr and Elance.

Caution: You need very good skill to get opportunities as a virtual assistant.

9. Become a YouTuber

Difficulty Score: 8/10

Millions of people earn money by posting videos on Youtube. Posting videos to youtube is easy and free. However, there are many terms and conditions and criteria before you could start earning from youtube.

You’ll need the skill to record, edit and publish videos. You can start Youtube channel in any regional Indian languages. The only point is that your videos should become viral and spread like wildfire!

Caution: Posting videos to Youtube maybe is easy, but to make decent money you have to persistent and put enormous efforts. It will take several months before you could start earning money.

10. Blog, Mobile Apps & Website Tester

Difficulty score: 5/10

This is probably the easiest method to earn money online. Testing websites, mobile apps and games is easier to perform and requires minimum skill. The only requirement is that you should have decent handset with 4G or fast WIFI connection.

Become a Mobile Apps and Game Tester. Click here for more information.

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